An Interview with Serial Entrepreneur Harold Jahn

Mr Harold Jahn is the founder of Prosperity Investments LLC. Prosperity Investments makes the private investments in the areas of energy, mining, fintech, medical diagnostic testing technology, industrial fabrication, and industrial real estate. With investments in several firms in the United States, Canada, and South Korea.

Fighting Climate change is often seen ad an unprofitable endeavor and is expected to be carried out by Governments and Non-profitable organizations. This is where Harold Jahn and his company Prosperity Investments differ from other companies. Harold has invested in around half a dozen ideas that have potential to change the world.

Nikhil Kuruganti: Hello Mr Jahn! Thanks for joining my interview series and share your experiences. So, would like to ask you about how this passion for multiple industries, the vision to develop companies fighting climate change started?

Harold Jahn: Thank you Nick! I guess a large part of choosing the path of entrepreneurship is influenced by my parents. My parents had immigrated to Canada from Germany after the WWII.  As war children they had little opportunity for primary education or jobs.  My father and mother’s family met in a German refugee camp.  Both my parents learned the shoemaking trades in West Germany prior to arrival in Canada. 

My parents’ sense of work ethic is what inspired me growing up, my dad became an iron worker and built schools, high rises, dams, refineries, our 1978 commonwealth stadium, and the Edmonton Coliseum where the Edmonton Oilers hockey team played many successful Stanley Cups. 

My mother went to work in a sewing factory and later into retail sales in several shoe departments and worked long hours at Hudson Bay and Eaton’s department stores 7 days a week, plus she took good care of my sister and I. 

While I was in primary school my passion for business was already brewing, I began doing small jobs in the community to save money with multiple newspaper routes, walking dogs, cleaning fireplaces, shovelling snow off walks, delivering firewood, collecting comics and sports playing cards to be sold later, and odd jobs at the school.  I worked in a chemical assembly line producing several pallets per shift of windshield washer antifreeze and other industrial cleaners during school breaks and on evenings and weekends, my friend and I learned to prepare the bottles, fill them, and pack them.  Our goal was to not only keep up with the thousands of bottles of the rapid moving assembly bottling line, but see how many pallets we could complete in a 5 to 10-hour shift by ourselves.  I had several other jobs in high school working at as a janitor at a large grocery store, weekly inventory and stocking for a community bar, and cleaning and renting recreational vehicles to German and French speaking tourists.

Nikhil Kuruganti: How did the idea of building a profitable company that solves