Top 10 SEO Trends in 2022 that will get you ROI

Search Engine Optimization and everchanging SEO Trends needs no introduction to a marketer. Ever since the late 1990’s there’s been a sea change in the the way SEO helps businesses (or penalize them to obscurity). However, the last few years have seen an increased uptick in algorithm’s ability to understand users, their intend and the website content.

Top SEO Trends in 2022

User Intent

User intent along with user experience would be the overarching SEO trends for many more years to come. Recognizing entities and how keywords intersect will enable marketers to create content for the underlying search intent. In short, understanding the buyer journey and how to use keywords to connect at each buyer lifecycle stage is key to achieving success.

Mobile and User Experience

Mobile experience will continue to be a key determining factor for many more years to come. Optimize your mobile UX, core vitals, security and ensure mobile-first indexing.

Content Quality

With the introduction of MUM, showcasing site’s topic expertise in the domain and knowledge useful content is imperative.

Behavioral Analytics, & Customer Lifetime Value

Google Algorithm has evolved a lot over the years and this bring us to the most important Question. Is the site traffic resulting any revenue?

Keyword Research has helped us SEO professionals for 2 decades now. It’s however time to move to behavioral analytics.

Long form of Content Vs Short Form

Content writers love to be quirky, simple and short stuff that has punch! Guess what? Google loves ad copies, but the long form of content would win in the long term. What’s the solution? Have punch lines.

Localization and Diversity of SERPS

Google is coming up with new SERP features every quarter. This presents opportunities and at the same time challenges to the teams that have focussed too hard on the traditional SEO factors.

Brand SERP Optimization, Knowledge Graphs & Entities

This could be a hottest of SEO trends in 2022 and keeping a close watch on brand SERPs and knowledge panels will become very important. Understanding who you are, what you offer, and what audience you serve will hold a lot of value for other businesses.

Some of the activities to focus are:

  1. Ensuring a correct and complete organization markup.
  2. Establishing a strong presence on knowledge bases such as Wikidata.
  3. Claiming your knowledge panel to use the posts by Google feature.
  4. Above all setting up Google My Business profile for brick-and-mortar businesses. 

Visual Content

Visual content such as images, infographics and videos help you narrate the story better and in increasing the stickiness of your site. Google is making SERPs more visually browsable and intuitive. There us an argument that the images are favoured in Google discover. Did you also know that Google has come up with two dedicated two new structured data – Seek Markup and Clip Markup to help video content show up on the search results with the key moments?

Automation for Auditing and Content Creation

Leveraging automation for auditing, analysis and other tasks will continue to increase SEO productivity. In addition options for automating content research and AI content creation are growing. Though AI in content marketing is at its nascent states, it’s matter of time that it will catch up.

Index Now

Index Now feature has made life easy for SEO professionals. Capitalize on this feature if you have already nit been using it.

Passage Indexing

This will help Google in showing drive meaningful content that is deep buried in the long-form of content in the results. So, don’t shy away from long form of content. But, ensure that you help Google in better understanding it though relevant heading and contextual indicators.

What SEO Trends can we expect for later half of the year?

User Intent, Mobile user experience will be SEO trends that will critical in the short and long-term. In addition to this will have to keep waiting to see if GA4 can give us more actionable insights.